23 Reasons to Study Abroad in Montreal

[Throughout the Spring ’18 semester, Social Media Ambassador Amanda has explored Montreal and its many hidden corners. Here she gives her best reasons as to why students should consider coming up here with the Champlain Abroad program]

1. New way of living

College dorms can be boring. Picture this instead: hotel-style rooms, kitchens, and freedom.

2. Poutine is like the American burger

Poutine is a classic in Canada, and chances are the restaurant you’re looking at has one or two on the menu. With this expertise comes lots of variety too!

3. Tim Hortons around every corner

Boston has its Dunkin Donuts, but Canada has its Tim Hortons!

4. St. Catherine Street

It’s as if each street has its own personality. This one is a shopper’s dream, as it’s packed with modern shops and restaurants!

5. A second city underground

Avoiding the sunlight or need a change of pace? Stroll through the underground malls connected by a series of multiple different tunnels and metro stations.

6. Alternate means of transportation

Sometimes walking just can’t get you places, and this is where the public bus and metro come in handy.

7. Get in the exercise

Sometimes walking is your only option or the better option. With a moderately flat city, it’s easy!

8. Unbelievable weekend trip

Up for an adventure? A trip to Ottawa (Canada’s Capital) bursts the Montreal bubble.

9. Field trips over classrooms

Just like dorm rooms, classrooms get old. Trips to Chinatown, Jean-Talon market, Dawson College, and the Stratosphere spice it up with the added benefit of learning from a new experience.

10. Make connections with alumni

Year after year students go through the same process of studying abroad. Some learn better lessons than others, and it’s always nice to spread the knowledge and get to share different stories.

11. Meet industry professionals

Visit studios like Ubisoft, Gameloft, Behaviour Interactive, and many others to hear inspiring tales and beneficial feedback from those who know games.

12. Be taught by industry professionals

Professional programmer by day, game professor by night.

13. Meet new people, make new friends

From fellow college students staying in the same residence to new people at the bar or classmates you’ve never spent time with, it’s time to make new connections!

14. NHL arena turned movie theater… and others!

Who doesn’t want to watch an IMAX movie in an old hockey arena?

15. Embrace your inner hockey

With the right timing, tickets can come cheap and you may find yourself converting to a Canadiens fan for the semester.

16. Concerts on all scales

From indie to Justin Timberlake, there’s a concert for everyone.

17. Unique bars

Piranhas swimming below your feet, five-dollar beer with five-dollar food, and video game and arcade machines. Three bars, three interesting experiences.

18. Food for the night owls

Part of this city never sleeps, with various restaurants and bars closing at 3 am or never at all.

19. 24hr convenience, literally

Don’t fret about missing the closing time of the grocery store when scattered all across the city are 24/ hour pharmacies stacked with all you need to get you through the night.

20. More bang for your buck

1USD is equivalent to 1.26CAD; never hesitate on that buy ever again!

21. Bubble tea!

The sister shop to Tim Hortons; bubble tea, and bubble tea everywhere.

22. Colorful corners

Beautiful graffiti and large-scale street art cover the ugliest parts of the city.

23. Innovation and art

Nightly fountain shows, enchanting moving images, and popup art exhibits can be found throughout the city and underground.

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