A visit from a Champlain College alum!

It’s Spring Break for our students here in Dublin, so they’re off enjoying themselves in far flung locations such as Turkey, Spain, France, and England.

That means a quiet week in the office for the Dublin staff, but that quiet was broken today by the arrival of Patrick Kenney (aka PK), a Champlain Abroad Dublin alum from our Fall 2009 group.  Patrick graduated from Champlain in 2011 with a degree in Graphic Design and Digital Media.  He now works as a designer for Warner Brothers Games in Boston.  He’s back in Dublin for Offset, Dublin’s Creative Festival.

Patrick Kenney (R) visits Stephen Robinson and Lilly Johnsson in the Dublin Academic Centre

‘Coming back to Dublin is like a homecoming.  The city was my home for 4 fantastic months, and I instantly felt comfortable being back here’, Patrick said, ‘Francis Curran [our design faculty member] opened my eyes to a world of design outside of America, and introduced me to the industry in which I now make my living.  Study abroad opened my eyes to the world around me, and took away a lot of fears I had around stepping out of my comfort zone’.

Stephen Robinson
Program Director
Champlain Abroad Dublin

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