Course Highlight: Advanced Art History – Creative Dublin

ART-380: Advanced Art History – Creative Dublin is an elective course that Champlain students can take in Dublin during the spring semester. The course focuses on an exploration of all things creative: music, film, art, writing, and more! This course aims to stimulate student’s creative minds through exposure to a multitude of creative medias.

At the end of the semester, students use their creative learnings to put on a show or an event. On the spring of 2023, our Dublin students put on an event called Romp & Circumstance, which featured a variety of creative showings, including live performances and film and art showings.

Romp & Circumstance Flyer

All proceeds for the event went towards Little Flower Penny Dinners, an organization in Dublin that provides home cooked meals for those in need.

Our students in Dublin also worked to produce a beautiful short film centered around this event, which is linked below.

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