Another Production Day in the Can for Champlain Film Students in Dublin

Photo Credit: Barrie Dowdall

Last weekend film students Colby Thompson and Kyle Morgan began principle photography on their respective films, working for a full day on each. On Saturday the 2nd, Colby had his cast and crew meet in the Augustine Apartments lobby at 9:30am to begin the day of shooting, taking the team and the equipment out onto the streets. Film Professor Barrie Dowdall was at the 9:30 crew call as well and was on set for the full day, taking on the role of production manager. The rest of the crew was made up of the other four film students (jobs included assistant director, sound technician/boom operator, assistant camera and script supervisor). Shooting went relatively smoothly on the streets with the only real hiccup being a confrontation where two drunk Russian boxers invaded the set and refused to leave. The team took a lunch break together and finished shooting in the apartments, wrapping at 6pm. 3 days of production remain for Colby’s film, Dink And Dodge.

Colby discusses the next scene with his lead actors, Ellis Roakes and Darragh O’Toole, as assistant director Samantha Hamilton keeps them on schedule. Photo Credit: Barrie Dowdall
Photo Credit: Barrie Dowdall

On March 3rd it was Kyle’s turn to direct. The same crew, including Barrie, and a new group of actors arrived at the apartments at 9am, grabbed some cabs, and began filming at Phoenix Park at 9:45am. Few problems arose on set, and at 12pm the cast and crew rode back to Kyle’s apartment for a quick lunch break. After lunch, shooting picked up again in the apartment. A tricky rig including a sliding move straight down on the actors face while he lays asleep in bed required an… interesting set up, to say the least. Shooting continued on in the blackened out windows of Kyle’s bedroom until 6pm when the last shot of the day was taken. Kyle has 2 days of shooting left for his film, which has yet to be named. Another production day in the can.

Kyle calls action on his set while Aaron Ross gets the sound rolling and Colby marks off the take.
Photo Credit: Barrie Dowdall
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