ART220: A Day with the Saints


The journey to visit Saint Joseph Oratory began on a beautiful Thursday morning, without a cloud in the sky-lucky for me. Naturally, I took the wrong street and entered from the neighboring alley. I looked to my left and saw the majestic oratory. Quite a few years had passed since my last visit, so I had forgotten how overwhelmingly large the site was.

photo 30

I stood at the bottom of the steps gazing at the beauty of this site of pilgrimage. With each step I took leading up to the entrance, I thought about how many countless people visit to carry on a task that only a few people in this world will ever do. The Saint Joseph Oratory is not only a religious location but it definitely touched my spiritual and religious side. Simply being there made me feel like I was somewhere special.

I walked up to enter and familiarize myself with this huge touristic place. I took more stairs to finally reach the top of the church. I made sure to admire every stained glass window and the craftsmanship that was needed to create the beautiful works of art spread throughout the oratory. The doors and windows were created with such creativity that I stood in front of them just admiring the talent. They led me to the terrace where I was offered a beautiful view of the city.

photo 20

Unfortunately, the museum was closed when I went to visit but I got a chance to look through the glass and I can assure you to visit Saint Joseph when the museum is open. One other interesting thing to see while visiting Saint Joseph is Brother Andre’s tomb. The building has multiple components- the votive chapel and crypt church are two things one must see. I had a spiritual connection while visiting the oratory but I can assure you, whether you are religious or not, you won’t regret venturing out to this beautiful location.

– Lucy Dishoian, Public Health Sciences, University of California, Official Blogger, Spring 2014

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