Emerging Media in Montreal

I chose Marketing as my major because I felt it was the best of both worlds; I could remain creative while also having a wide variety of career paths. Unfortunately, on the path to having a creative career, I feel like there have been a lot of classes that I really struggle to get through. Don’t get me wrong, I understand the importance of accounting, it’s just not something I easily can grasp. That’s why when choosing my classes for this semester in Montreal I really wanted to take advantage of the creative atmosphere of the city. I immediately knew that I wanted to take Emerging Media in Montreal. I wasn’t exactly sure of what the class entailed but I knew that the Marketing sphere is always adapting to new technology and media so I thought it would fit perfectly with my major. Previously, I had taken the Digital Marketing class for my minor. We had briefly talked about virtual reality and voice search as new platforms for marketing. Having very little experience with virtual reality I thought it would be beneficial to take a class that would introduce me to this and other media that could be crucial to my future career.

I was reassured I made a good choice by the first class. Both sections of the class were brought together so the teachers could introduce themselves and explain the expectations of the class. Both of the teachers are very informed and seemed very passionate about introducing us to the subject. They explained the final project as a story of Montreal in a media that we will be learning about during the semester. Some of the options for media were 360 video, a vj set, a podcast, or creative coding. If you’re like me and have no idea about pretty much all of those forms of media, it may seem a little overwhelming. However, it is only the fifth week and I already feel more confident in my ability to create something for the final.

A lot of the class is actually experiencing what we are learning about. So far, three out of the four classes we have had have been either having a guest or taking trips into the city. Our first class was taking a trip to the Phi Center and experiencing the virtual reality exhibit. We were each assigned to one exhibit to focus on and present to the class the next class. I was asked to present an exhibit called, Manic. After putting on the headset I was transported to a story in which I was experiencing life as someone with Bipolar Disorder. It was a very emotional experience and during the class when we all talked about the experience it seemed everyone had a different experience. I think that’s the beauty of virtual reality. It allows the viewer to form a new perspective that they may not have been able to understand without experiencing a part of someone’s life.

The second field trip we took was to go on a mural walk in the Mile End of the city. We were given three cameras to play with and learn how they work. One of these cameras was the 360 camera. Experiencing 360 video for the first time is a crazy feeling. I felt like I was a lot smaller than I was when I put on the headset for some reason. The camera for it was also something that looked like a spaceship. It was a sphere with multiple cameras around the circumference. Having worked with DSLR cameras in the past, it made me think about how different the process must be when shooting with this. Since one of the options for the final project is to create a 360 video, I hope I get to further explore this media. It is something I didn’t know I was so interested in before I took this class. As for marketing, I’m very interested in exploring how this certain media can further my career or how important this form of video is for advertising.

I’m excited to see what else we do in this class. The ability to mesh my creative passions with my major is something I have been excited to do since I started college.

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