Falafel Mission Completed!


Since this is my first post to the Champlain College Dublin blog, I should probably take the time to introduce myself before I start telling you all things about my experience in Dublin thus far.

Everyone ready? All right, here we go… My name is Lydia, I’m from the Northeast Kingdom in Vermont, USA. I have a dog named Levi, as well as a snapping turtle named Samuel; I would like to think that they get along most of the time.

I should probably get to the bit where I talk about what I’ve been doing here in Dublin. Well, it’s the first time I’ve ever been outside of continental North America, so I’ve been busy searching for Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups to no avail. I have also been searching for falafel mix for what seems like forever and a day; when really it has only been three weeks.

It wasn’t me that found the falafel – it was Kevin, a fellow study abroad student. After scouring Tesco, Lidl, and Aldi the pair of us almost gave up. We couldn’t believe how difficult it was to find something as simple as falafel mix on a grocery store shelf. In the United States you can walk into any store that has an international dry goods area and spot it straight away. After several salivating thoughts of a lovely falafel, Italian parsley, and tahini sauce meal the mix was finally discovered.

To be completely fair about the situation, we were being a bit silly when we neglected to look in the Mediterranean Food Market on Thomas Street, one block up from the lovely apartments where we live. I’m extremely glad that Kevin decided to check there while I was in class one day. I was even more glad when I came back to a full plate of the meal that I had been day dreaming about since I stepped out of the airport into the crisp Dublin air.

In order to help you fully understand the glory of that meal I have included step-by-step photos (all taken by Kevin).

Falafel mix in a bowl –ready to be shaped.
The Italian parsley.
The lemon juice – the more the better. 
Kevin’s ingenious way of mixing and containing the tahini sauce –saving the environment one reusable cup at a time.
 Kevin holding the nifty falafel shaper and scraper that came in the package.
Perfectly shaped falafel discs frying away in the pan.
The glorious final product – it definitely tasted better with the anticipation.

I hope finding ingredients for my other favorite dishes won’t be as hard. The falafel was well worth it though, and I’ve discovered many stores that I might not have gone into otherwise. I’m definitely looking forward to all of my future food endeavors while I’m here.

Until next time 🙂

Lydia Hill

Champlain Abroad Dublin, Spring 2013

Communications Major, Champlain College, Class of 2014 

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