GDD 325: We’re Making a Banner!

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Hey all, my name is Ben Thomson, and I’m writing as a representative of the Design, Duality & Dissent class of spring 2014. That’s a big and fancy title for a class isn’t it? But what do we actually do you ask? Well, that’s what I’m writing about! Our big project that we started working on today is a map of the city of Montreal.

Not just any map though, a map that shows what we like about the city in as artistic and creative a way as we can come up with. We’re going to throw in colors and pictures and anything else that we can think of in order to present our interests in as interesting a way as possible!

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Before we worked on a large-scale group project, however, we worked on individual maps of the city. Some were artistic displays that were meant to convey a feeling, while others were more informative and sleek.  I almost felt bad for doing mine based around fast food restaurants; especially when it was compared to one that showed Montreal as a beating heart using major roadways as its arteries, but I digress.

Our professor brought in one of his colleagues today, Clement Yeh, and asked him to paint up a rough outline for our map of Montreal. While he was working on that, we decided on what each of us was going to contribute to the map. I decided to work on parks, while some my other colleagues decided on pubs, roadways, more parks (since there’s a lot of the things!) and lettering.

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Now that we’ve got our roles planned out, we’re going to work on our map over the course of the semester. It will be a big project, but one that I hope will turn out to be absolutely fantastic when all is said and done! ( I will post more about the process and a picture when it’s done!)

– Ben Thomson, Game Design Major, Spring 2014

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