GDD325: The Fresh Paint Gallery


The Fresh paint gallery in Montreal is not like any other art gallery that I have ever visited before. The art doesn’t just stop at the framed art on the walls but continues past that, to the walls and the hallways connecting the different exhibits. Each room is completely taken over by an individual artist who gets to arrange their room however they please.


They get to paint the walls and the windows to make pieces that are hung on the walls continue past their frames so that the entire room feels like a piece of art. This gives every room a completely different feel that many other galleries have issues trying to capture. The mediums also vary greatly from large pieces on canvas to small cardboard cutouts with geometric birds drawn on top.

The gallery was created as a continuation of the Under Pressure festival which is an international graffiti event in Montreal. This space allows for professional graffiti artist to showcase their work in a setting beyond the street. Every piece of art on the walls is for sale and the proceeds go to supporting the gallery and the artists. The gallery is free and open to the public, although a small donation is appreciated. The exhibits change every about every four months which completely changes the rooms because a new artist will take it over and completely repaint everything.


– Ryan Atkinson, Game Design Major, Spring 2014

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