Hello all and greetings from Ireland!

For this particular post I’d like to write you about this past week’s awesome soccer experience! Basically Adam Clark (our Head Resident & Activities coordinator here at Champlain Abroad Dublin) emailed us about an international intramural soccer league and asked if we wanted to go; naturally my friend Zach and I had to be “yes men” and attend.

Before we knew it we were on our way and straight to the field with a bunch of adults and students from all around the world! We met Paul from Portugal, Michael (pronounced “Me-hawl) from Ireland, Mike from France and many others; in the short time that we were there we were already meeting plenty of new people! We played a great game while taking in the essence of European soccer. Altogether I would suggest any Champlain Abroad student who is into soccer and looking to study abroad in Dublin to give it a try.

Since my first visit I have gone back and brought more friends to which I can definitely say on their behalf that they had a fantastic time. Overall if you have an opportunity over here I’d suggest taking it, you never know who you’ll meet, where you’ll go and what sort of adventure you’ll have. The important part is to keep an open mind and explore!

P.s. as a side note if you’re worried about getting your shoes dirty or scuffed you can pick up a pair of replica Nike Zooms from Penney’s for only 12 Euro! They’re just as light, even more durable and just as comfortable… plus they hold true to that Euro style hahaha. Enjoy!

Alexander “Sasha” Darovskikh
Champlain Abroad Dublin, Spring’14
Champlain College, Communication’15

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