Halloween at Champlain Dublin

 Happy Halloween at Champlain Dublin

Believe it or not! Halloween has its roots in Ireland, embedded in the pagan Gaelic festival of Samhain which marked the end of the seasonal Harvest. So it is no surprise that Halloween in the Ireland is something special which Champlain study abroad students will experience before they relax for Fall Break.

Champlain Study Abroad Dublin Basement

The old Georgian academic center has been coveted into a devilish den full of ghouls and ghosts, and the cobwebbed crypt (basement) will host a number of activities for our satanic students.

Tuesday afternoon students are invited to carve pumpkins into Jack-O-Lanterns while watching a collection of scary movies.

On Wednesday students will host invited poet Stephen James Smith and musician Enda Kelly; as well as, partaking and performing in our bi-annual Wine & Poetry Night.

Thursday’s Trick or Treat will see costumed students take their classes as usual, but more importantly have their candy cravings quenched. That evening the gruesomely dressed group will partake in the Champlain Halloween Party playing traditional games and eating fall snacks, before heading off to the National College of Ireland’s Halloween Ball later that evening.

After all these Halloween festivities and midterm assignments, students can relax and enjoy their fall breaks in destinations across Ireland and Europe.

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