Interview with Ramy Daghstani

Programming Adjunct – Montreal Campus

If you are interested in studying in Montreal you will want to get to know your professors. If you are a programmer you will most likely be in a class with Ramy Daghstani because he is one of the programming adjuncts here at Champlain College’s Montreal campus. This interview will help you get to know this professor a little more!

Introduction to Ramy Daghstani

Ramy’s favorite food to eat, when he is not watching what he eats, is poutine. In his words, “It is so versatile that you can always get a satisfying variation every time!” Ramy enjoys gaming with friends. His most played game in the past year is Sea of Thieves where he gets to travel the high seas with friends and hunt down massive treasures. Some of Ramy’s hobbies are bouldering, sailing, and cycling. He really enjoys outdoor activities but when he is not doing this he is taking time to sharpen his programming skills. “Gotta stay sharp!


Ramy did not have a traditional computer science background. When in university he studied for a  Bachelor in Fine Arts in a program called Computational Arts. This is where he learned how to work with lots of different kinds of software and programming languages but also hardware. He would program with microchips and sensors. His learning environment was project based where you had to teach yourself to fill in any gaps. “I think in terms of process and experience it was much more valuable when I started running my own company.


Ramy grew up playing games and he developed an interest in how they were created and wanted to contribute to the world of games. This is what inspired him to go down this career path.

Ramy has been working in the game industry for over 10 years now and before working in the industry he worked in web development. When getting in the industry the first studio he worked for was bEhaviour before he moved on to making his own indie studio Artifact 5. At bEhavior, Ramy was a programmer on server technologies and infrastructure. At his current studio, Artifact 5, his responsibilities grew. He does a majority of the programming there from server to engine to gameplay to tools programming as well as any IT related work. This is all on top of running the company in general.

Back when Ramy worked on server technology he helped make a lot of Facebook games and mobile games. Since then his studio, Artifact 5, has created a game titled “Anamorphine” and his studio has helped other studios with VFX for games such as “Seasons: A letter to the future” and “Convergence: A League of Legends Story.” His studio currently has a game in progress called “Lucky Me” so keep an eye out on the market for it!


“Specializing in something you are passionate about goes a long way to differentiate yourself from the competition.”

“Take a look at what is in demand and take a chance to develop those skills.”

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