Making a Difference with Nonprofit Marketing

Hello again everyone I have some interesting news, the Nonprofit Social Marketing class (MKT 340) that I’m in has started working on a really exciting project! Professor Lucy Masterson has teamed up with Dialogue Marketing to come up with an amazing project for our class which involves helping unemployed Irish citizens get jobs.  When Lucy first pitched us the idea in our meeting at Dialogue, I was nervous that we weren’t ready for a big project like this, but after we started brainstorming I realized that everyone in our class was really into it.  We had a huge list of ideas by the end of our first meeting and even more in class the next week.  While it was intimidating to see that we had so much to decide on and get accomplished, I think we were all feeling ready to take on the task. 
This is our team!
(Photo by Jordan Wheeler)
While I can’t divulge too much information on the project since it’s still in the beginning stages, I can say that everyone seems to be psyched up about it.  Because a lot of us have different majors, we can contribute in a lot of different ways.  The Marketing students have been focusing on how we will market and advertise this project while the Public Relations students have been working on our image.  Then we have the Business majors who understand the business side of all of this and are helping to purchase a website and make a plan of action for us.  And of course we have a lot of creativity flowing between the 20 of us, no matter which major we have. 
One really great thing about Champlain College Dublin is that the classes tap into real issues in a completely new culture.  We aren’t only learning about an extremely important topic, but we’re learning how to interact with the people in the country we’re studying in.  And our teacher has a load of enthusiasm which helps to get the students excited about the class too.  We’re using our individual skills and knowledge to make a change, not only does that look good on a resume, but it also teaches you a lot about another culture and making a difference in the world.  So wish us luck with this project, I know it’s going to be success!  Look out Ireland, Champlain College Dublin and Dialogue Marketing are taking on unemployment!
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