Montreal – Timeline of our activities this Fall! (2022)

Scavenger Hunt – August 27

The students started off their semester abroad with a scavenger hunt in order to get them acquainted with landmarks around the city.

Mt. Royal Dinner and Hike – August 28

After dinner at Weinstein and Gavino’s, the students hiked up Mt Royal to see the famous view of the city they’d be calling home for the next three months. 

Distrix Festival – September 2-4

A celebration of “urban” arts and sports like graffiti, rap, DJing, and basketball, the students got to visit the festival as part of their Graffiti and Unsanctioned Art class. 

Montreal Museum of Fine Arts – September 4

Our students visited the Montreal Museum of Fine Arts to view their six collections, free for the public on Sundays! 

Graffiti Walks

In Melissa Proietti’s core class, Graffiti and Unsanctioned Art, we went on graffiti walks in four different neighborhoods and saw unique graffiti and street art.

Meeting with an Indie Developer – September 15

Our students met with John Ng, also known as JonJon, an artist and indie game developer known for his game Floor Kids.

Cat Cafe – September 16

The students had lunch at Cafe Chat L’Heureux, a cat cafe in Montreal, enjoying both delicious food and the company of some furry friends.

Gameplay Space/Jason della Rocca visit – September 29

We visited Gameplay Space, a Montreal game development organization, and spoke with former International Game Developers Association executive Jason Della Rocca about entering the game industry. 

The Emile Berliner Musée des Ondes

For the core class Place and Identity: Canadian Film, students took a trip to the The Emile Berliner Musée des Ondes to learn about the history of recording and broadcasting sound with a focus on Montreal companies.

Ottawa trip – October 14-16

The students spent a weekend in Ottawa, the capital of Canada, seeing sights like the National Gallery of Canada, the House of Commons, and of course, a hockey game!

MIGS and Gameplay Space Afterparty – October 19-22

MEGAMIGS is the largest game conference on the east coast, and a great place to immerse yourself in the game industry and make connections – our students had the opportunity to either volunteer or go to the conference as attendees. After MEGAMIGS, Gameplay Space held the Officially Unofficial Afterparty, where Champlain students got to volunteer along with game students from other Montreal universities. 

Gameloft visit – October 26

The students visited one of Montreal’s largest game studios, Gameloft, to learn about the company and hear from employees. 

Gene Pendon – October 27

We met with Gene Pendon, one of the artists of Montreal’s famous Leonard Cohen mural, to hear about his process and experience as a graffiti artist. 

Ubisoft visit – November 9

We had an online visit with Ubisoft Montreal, and had the opportunity to talk with recruiters and current employees about portfolios, interviews, and internships.

Image credit: Ubisoft Montreal

Arcade MTL – November 11

After class, the students visited Arcade MTL, a bar-arcade with several vintage arcade machines and retro consoles. 

Blizzard Guest Speaker – November 15

Students taking Applied Ludology spoke with Osama Dorias, Lead Content Designer at Blizzard and game design professor at Dawson College.

Image credit: IGDA Foundation

Behaviour visit – November 30

We visited Behaviour Interactive, developers of Dead by Daylight, and heard from current employees (including some Champlain alumni Jack Storm GPRO 2016 and Bradley Chamberlain GPRO 2022) about their experience at the company and living in Montreal.

Alumni Dinner – December 2

Champlain alumni located in Montreal were invited to the campus for dinner (Chinese food!) and talked with the current students about the industry and life in Montreal. Pictured, two current Champlain Game Design majors with Eva Fahantidou (GDES 2017 – Ubisoft Montreal, Cloud Chamber).

Biodome – December 9

The last event of the semester is a planned visit to Montreal’s famous Biodome, located in the old Olympic stadium, home of several ecosystems for visitors to explore. 

Image credit: Mélanie Dusseault, Espace pour la Vie

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