Mural Walk

The Emerging Media students (CCM301) toured The Plateau and Mile End neighbourhoods of Montreal looking for murals and street art installations. They did not have to walk far from the Academic Center, the massive paint-covered walls are everywhere thanks to the yearly mural and graffiti festivals that takes place in this part of town. The students gathered photographic and video material with several pro digital cameras. This content will be used for their next challenge: creating a live VJ Set that will mix visual content to music.

They wandered in the neighbourhood back alleys and rode the bus up to the corner of St Viateur and St Laurent where the Ubisoft headquarters stand tall! The students shot some 360 videos and had an out-of-body experience previewing the immersive image from the camera with a VR headset. Emerging media is about experimenting with new tools and learning to use them while having fun and discovering the curiosities of Montreal.

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