It’s The Rocky Horror Picture Show!


Rocky Horror Picture Show Halloween midnight showing. For those who know the movie, they understand what an experience that statement encapsulates. It was a drizzly Halloween night and the doors were supposed to open around 11pm so we arrived around 10:30 – the line-up already around the block. However, the doors did not actually open until midnight. Our little Champlain group kept ourselves occupied, although we wish there had been music or some sort of entertainment for all of us braving the rainy cold Montréal night!


We finally got settled in the theatre. There were no assigned seats, but we managed to find really awesome seats on the left hand side of the theatre. The theatre, Imperial, is a gorgeous old theatre with comfy seats with double arms rest! There were so many costumes and sights to see! Everyone finally settled in around 1am  and a costume contest ensued. There was a really well done, albeit creepy, burn victim nurse. The person was acting as a woman although it was a bald man under the mask, which was amusing when the prize he won was a haircut at a local salon.

After the costume contest, part of the cast for the night came out and did a zombiefied version of Michael Jackson’s Thriller. They surprised us all when it turned into a mash-up with the latest YouTube hit, What Does the Fox Say? I didn’t know what to think at first, but it was really well done, the song itself and the choreography. The cast definitely put a lot of time into it to make a special entrance for the night. The movie followed thereafter with the same talented cast. The audience participation was right on cue with everything- water gun spritzing, toilet paper flying, and toast being tossed about. Cast? Audience participation? I thought this was a movie?! It is! However, midnight showings of Rocky Horror have become a cult classic and has become more than just a movie. A full cast acts out what is being shown on screen as well as the audience participating by shouting things out or throwing items around and most dress in a similar manner to the actors or just in Halloween costumes. For example, toast is thrown around when Dr. Frank-n-Furter makes a toast at a dinner. All in all, a good time was had by everyone in the theatre that evening. It’s well worth the wait, even if you’re stuck in a drizzly line! If there’s ever a screening near you, definitely go for the experience!

-Shelby Adams, International Buisness Major, Fall 2013
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