What Every Champlain Student Should Know Before Coming to Montreal

Our Social Media Ambassador, Alex Theodoreu (Game Art ’21) sat down with former Assistant Director, Ryan Hipgrave, to get his tips and recommendations for future┬ástudents after 4 amazing years at Champlain Montreal.

“My favourite memory is definitely the day that my first group was leaving.. I went into the lab and they all stood up and they gave me this gigantic group hug… it was people that I had only known for 4 months but we had become so close.”

“Be open to the possibilities that are here, be open minded, flexible and enjoy it [the experience] as best possible.”

“The best thing about Montreal is the mix of culture. Montreal is a unique alchemy of the two languages [French and English]… with other languages on top of it, and all of these people from all different parts of the world that hold onto their cultural identity.”

Watch the full interview here:

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