GDC SF – what can I say?


Once again I went to the Game Developers Conference in San Francisco (the first time I went was in San Jose, many years ago!)


I will not even start talking about:

  • the Conferences
  • the Summits (Community Management, Indie, Free to Play, Game Narrative and Game Education … all at the same time!!)
  • all the friends and contacts that I see once a year at GDC (like my step-brother who works in games in Singapore!) or the ones I see all the time in Montreal but look different without the heavy coats, scarf and hats on.
  • the games!!! (What is this new version of Fable?)
  • the tech (Oculus everywhere!)
  • the events and parties (can’t go to many of these as I need to catch the train to my friend’s place but that is also what is great about GDC)
  • The City!!!!

What I really want to talk about is the fact that I am meeting more and more Champlain students when I go to GDC! The seniors that have come to meet recruiters but also an increasing number of alumni!

I call them my babies (not sure they like that!) but here they are:

  • The one who drew my cat
  • The ones whose gorgeous art I see on Facebook (including previous)
  • The one who works at Google014
  • The one who gave me a pitch for his new idea (I would buy it!!)
  • The one who was alone and I worried so much for him, but he is doing well and I was glad to see him smile 🙂
  • The skinny one who looks all healthy now (must be that southern air)
  • The one who gave me a beta pass to an amazing game I wanted to try
  • The one with the corgi, without the corgi! Same for the one with the cat!
  • All the ones whose progress I followed with admiration and pride! (too many to list here)

My little babies are all grown up and making amazing things, and I couldn’t be more happy to have seen them again!

Until our next GDC!

Genevieve Lord, Director, Montreal Campus

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