Reflect on Your Authentic Abroad Experience & Consider These Reflections

Lessons From Abroad Virtual Conference discussed “Making Sense of Your International Experience: Unpack and Reflect on Lessons Learned in Leadership”.

It is normal to feel a mix of emotions when coming back from abroad, so we asked a group of individuals what they felt when coming back from an abroad experience and students shared this:

But do not forget you have learned so much and grown from this experience. When asked to think about everything that was offered, and to give one word associated with leader/leadership, this was the result:

Reflection Questions to Consider: 

Engage in Self-Reflection – Share & Connect:

  1. What were your previous expectations of the host country? How did those change while studying in XX country?
  2. Who was the most influential person in your study abroad experience?  How and why did they make an impact? 
  3. What is one cultural practice of the host country that was different from your regular US routine?

Beyond Study Abroad – Reflect & Process:

  1.   Describe a challenge (e.g. personally, academically, socially, politically, culturally) you have experienced during your return to the United States and your home institution?
  2.  What are some coping strategies you have found to help with the re-entry process?

Becoming a Global Leader – Analyze & Apply (Analyze Exemplary Leaders):

  1. Create a list of 1-3 individuals who modeled exemplary leadership on a personal, institutional, local, national, or international level during 2020
  2. What trait(s) did those exemplary leaders demonstrate and/or what action(s) did they take? Do you see these qualities/actions attainable for you? Why or why not?

Becoming a Global Leader – Apply Your Own Leadership

  1. Think about these leadership skills you and your peers mentioned.  Can you tie them to any specific experiences from abroad?
  2. How can you continue to develop these skills to become an effective leader in your community?

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